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This page refers to current Wycombe planning policy. See  New local plan for updates on the developing broad spatial strategy and policy framework for Wycombe District up to 2033.

We have produced a wide range of supporting documents and guidance. These include development briefs, village design statements, and Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs). They offer guidance on a range of issues and some give more detailed information on the policies within the  Development Plan.

We also have an adopted  Statement of Community involvement (SCI). This document sets out how the community can be involved in, and consulted on, the preparation of local plans and in the planning applications process.

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Supplementary planning documents (SPDs) and guidance

Advice notes

We have produced a range of advice notes to provide guidance on a series of topics. These topics include advertisements, telecommunications, hedgerows, wildlife, and biodiversity.

See also the mobile operators association annual network update plans 2015-16 [PDF | 70KB] for information on the planned upgrades to the mobile network by Three, EE, Vodafone, and O2.

Building Research Establishment environmental assessment method (BREEAM)

The BREEAM (external website) family of assessment methods and tools are all designed to help construction professionals understand and mitigate the environmental impacts of the developments they design and build. 

Chilterns' buildings design guide

The Chilterns' buildings design guide was originally published in 1999 and was adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) by local planning authorities covering over 90 per cent of the AONB. A second edition of the guide was published in 2010. 

The design guide covers such topics as the setting of buildings, the design of vernacular features and the use of traditional local materials. The design guide is also supported by three additional technical notes on the use of flint, clay products and roofing materials.

Community facilities supplementary planning document (SPD)

The community facilities supplementary planning document sets out our approach to planning applications that could result in the loss or re-provision of community facilities.

Green networks and infrastructure

This paper sets out the background to the identification of the current green infrastructure network in Wycombe District including the identification of opportunity areas. A table at the end of the paper sets out what scope there is for enhancement to these opportunity areas.

Housing intensification SPD

The housing intensification supplementary planning document sets out how developments within existing residential areas can be undertaken to ensure a high quality environment as an end result.

 Landscape character assessment

The landscape character assessment provides a greater understanding of the landscape character of the Wycombe District which can be used to inform policy, planning and management actions. It consists of a main report, analyses of the various key landscape character types found in the Wycombe district, and five appendices.

Living within our limits SPD

The living within our limits supplementary planning document was adopted in July 2009 and was withdrawn in July 2013 following the adoption of the delivery and site allocations (DSA) plan. The DSA contains a policy, DM18 carbon reduction and water efficiency, which sets out standards to reduce carbon emissions and improve water efficiency for all homes and developments of 100m2 or greater.

Open space framework

The Open Spaces framework describes what open space provision exists across the district and in the individual settlements. It does not supersede other open space related studies but collates, coordinates and prioritises recommendations from these, provides a common information base and sets out our approach to the provision and planning of open space including local standards.

Parking standards guidance

Buckinghamshire County Council adopted new countywide parking standards from 6 October 2015. While it does not have the same weight as Wycombe District Council adopted supplementary planning guidance, none-the-less it has sufficient weight to justify careful consideration in the determination of all planning applications moving forward.

Planning obligations SPD

The planning obligations supplementary planning document sets out our policies and procedures for securing planning obligations including for affordable housing. It explains the relationship between section 106 planning obligations and CIL. It also sets out the procedures for assessing and responding to viability where it is demonstrated to be an issue for development delivery.

The government has set out national thresholds for securing planning obligations, and introduced a vacant building credit when calculating affordable housing requirements. (See ministerial statement, 28 November 2014 (external website).)

The Council has published an updated response to the Written Ministerial Statement to take account of the NPPF (July 2018).

Residential design guidance SPD

In June 2017 we updated our guidance relating to the design of residential developments. The residential design guidance SPD aims to ensure that all new residential development we build is designed well, contributes positively to the area and is great to live in for years to come. 

It replaces the current guidance given in appendix 1 of the adopted local plan (amended July 2013), and it applies to all residential development in the district.

River Wye

The  River Wye advice note [PDF | 1.62 MB] provides guidance on how to protect and enhance the River Wye environment. This advice note was originally produced to fulfil the recommendations made in the  River Wye study [PDF | 10.29 MB].

Southern quadrant transport strategy (SQTS)

The  Southern quadrant transport strategy (SQTS))  [PDF | 5.47 MB] sets a ten year vision for transport in the southern area of High Wycombe, covering the area of East Booker, Cressex, and Daws Hill. It establishes priorities and schemes that will deliver positive benefits for all, supporting our land use planning.

Development briefs and concept statements 

Development briefs set out our planning requirements and expectations for the future developments of specific sites. 

2-3 High Street, High Wycombe (non-statutory)

Abbey Barn South, High Wycombe

Cressex gateway, High Wycombe

Daws Hill, High Wycombe

Gomm Valley and Ashwells, High Wycombe

High Wycombe railway station, High Wycombe

Hughenden quarter, High Wycombe

Leigh Street quarter, High Wycombe

Little Marlow gravel pits, Little Marlow

Picts Lane and station area, Princes Risborough (non-statutory)

Portlands, Marlow

Riley Road, Marlow

Village design statements

Village design statements set out the distinct character of the villages in our district. We have produced three village design statements:

See  Conservation areas for specific guidance relating to our designated conservation areas.

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