Delivery and site allocations

This page refers to current Wycombe planning policy. See  New local plan for updates on the developing broad spatial strategy and policy framework for Wycombe District up to 2033.

Wycombe DC adopted a delivery and site allocations plan (DSA) on 16 July 2013. It contains a mix of development management and site specific policies which cover sustainable transport, town centres, retail environment and infrastructure. There is a particular focus on delivering regeneration and improvement to High Wycombe town centre as well as policies aimed at supporting Marlow and Princes Risborough town centres.

DSA previous stages

The DSA went through the following consultation stages:

  • issues and option - 2005
  • preferred options consultation - 2007
  • update consultations - 2009 and 2010
  • draft consultation - 2011
  • proposed submission consultation - June to July 2012

The DSA was submitted to central government in September 2012 and was subject to an examination in public, chaired by an independent Planning Inspector in December 2012.

Wycombe district Delivery and site allocations plan (DSA)

Contact us for copies of documents which supported the development of the DSA, including earlier versions of the DSA and supporting evidence base.

Contact information

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