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Pay a parking fine

You can pay a parking fine online. There is a discount for paying within 14 days.

Pay a parking fine (ticket begins with WD)

Parking tickets

Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) is a legal name for parking tickets or parking fines.

Our parking officers will issue a PCN for a number of reasons, for example if you:

  • don't buy and clearly display a ticket for the correct amount 
  • ignore the parking regulations

Our parking officers ensure that car park users respect and comply with the parking regulations. They do not have an incentive to issue parking tickets.

What to do if you receive a parking ticket

Don't ignore a parking ticket; it won't go away. Follow the instructions on the ticket to pay or to appeal.

Please note that whilst processing a parking ticket, we may ask DVLA for details of a vehicle's registered keeper.

If you ignore the ticket, we will take further action as set out below and you may face extra charges:

  1. Request the registered keeper details from the DVLA
  2. Write to the registered keeper
  3. Pass the debt to an Enforcement Agent (Bailiff)
  4. Forward the debt passed to our legal team for further action

Appeals process

There is legal process for processing parking appeals. See Patrol (external website) for further information about the legal process. This is the national independent website providing information across the UK.

Please note that only trained specialist parking appeals officers can process appeals. Council officers and council elected members are not permitted to intervene in the appeals process. Drivers and vehicle keepers must follow the process and instructions provided through the national system.


Our complaints procedure covers:

  • complaints about our parking policies or procedures
  • complaints about how we have dealt with your appeal

Please note that the complaints process is not for appealing an individual decision regarding a parking ticket.

Your privacy

See Parking privacy statement for information about the data we collect.

Inappropriate behaviour towards our staff

Our staff deserve to work in a safe environment.

However, there have been incidents of physical assault and verbal abuse towards parking officers. We will not tolerate aggressive behaviour towards our staff.

We will report all such incidents to the police. Previous incidents have resulted in successful prosecutions. 

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