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How car parking charges are decided

All of our car parking charges are implemented through parking orders. Parking orders are required by the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and provide a list of charges and restrictions at a particular car park.

We treat all customers equally and are unable to differentiate charges based on the type of visit. Enforcement of parking charges are in accordance with the Traffic Management Act 2004.

All other parking restrictions apply. 

Changing a parking order

Any changes to a parking order follow formal legal processes which include:

  • a public consultation on the proposed charges and restrictions
  • reviewing and responding to all comments received
  • sending recommendations to Cabinet Member for approval

If changes are approved, a new, or amended parking order is then created.

Free parking

A number of free parking schemes are in place across Buckinghamshire.

Free parking schemes are requested and funded by town and parish councils, who work with our community boards to implement them where possible. Free parking schemes affect the whole car park and apply for the duration of the period to which the free scheme applies. All other parking restrictions still apply.

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