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Appeal a parking fine

If you want to challenge the PCN and appeal, do not pay. Follow the instructions on the PCN.

We accept written appeals by post. Please write to;

Parking Services
PO Box 597

You can also appeal online:

Appeal a parking fine (ticket begins with WD)

We cannot accept appeals or make decisions over the phone.

If we receive your appeal within the 14 day discount period, then the charge will stay at this discount rate until we review your appeal. If we receive your appeal after the discount period, then it will stay at the full rate until reviewed.

Appeals process

There is legal process for processing parking appeals. See Patrol (external website) for further information about the legal process. This is the national independent website providing information across the UK.

Our specialist case officers deal with parking ticket appeals. They consider the legal facts and treat each case on its own merits, specifically:

  • that the ticket was issued correctly and is valid according to the relevant legislation in force.
  • if there are any exceptional circumstances where a discretionary view can be taken

A case officer will reply in writing with the appeal decision. If your appeal is unsuccessful, then you have 14 days to pay the fine.

If you do not agree with the decision, you can submit a second challenge or appeal declaring new information.

Please note that only trained specialist parking appeals officers can process appeals. Council officers and council elected members are not permitted to intervene in the appeals process. Drivers and vehicle keepers must follow the process and instructions provided through the national system.


Our complaints procedure covers:

  • complaints about our parking policies or procedures
  • complaints about how we have dealt with your appeal

Please note that the complaints process is not for appealing an individual decision regarding a parking ticket.

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