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Changes to council tax and benefits systems
From 17 November to 16 December parts of our old system will be closed while information is moved across to a new system.New benefit claims will be processed after 16 December and your claim will be backdated to the date you applied. If you are no longer entitled to benefit this will end from the date your entitlement ends and will be processed after 16 December.

Benefits: change of circumstances

This information applies if you are receiving housing benefit, council tax reduction, discretionary or any other benefit from us.

If your circumstances change you must tell us immediately.

Change of address form

Change of circumstances form

If you don't inform us immediately and your benefit increases we may not be able to backdate the change. We want to pay you the right amount of benefit now so we don't have to ask you to pay money back later if we overpay you.

Here are some examples of what we need to know about. If you are not sure please tell us anyway.

A change in income

A change in income of you, your partner or any other person living in your home

  • Earnings go up or down
  • Get a new benefit/pension/tax credit
  • Lose a benefit/pension/tax credit
  • The amount of benefit/pension/tax credit changes
  • Get an occupational or private pension
  • The amount of occupational or private pension changes
  • Income support/jobseekers allowance ends

A change in capital or savings

A change in capital or savings of you your partner or any other person living in your home

  • Bank or building society accounts, capital or savings going up or down
  • Getting capital/savings

A change in your family or people who live with you

  • a birth
  • fostering a child
  • a marriage
  • a disability
  • a child leaving school
  • a bereavement
  • someone going into/coming out of hospital
  • someone leaving or joining your home

A change in your home

  • moving into a new home
  • your rent going up or down if you are a private tenant
  • a change in the sort of tenancy you have if you are a private tenant

We will need to see proof of any changes. If you bring in your details to us we can photocopy them free of charge and give them straight back to you. If you do this we can deal with your claim more quickly.