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Proposed location: new temporary accommodation

The proposed site

The proposed location is currently a surface car park operated by Buckinghamshire Council. We are planning to use this land to provide temporary accommodation for people who are homeless and will re-provide all the parking spaces just round the corner in Baker Street, with further spaces at Desborough Street.

Part of this site belongs to the British Red Cross, who agreed to work with the council to help provide for those in need. We plan to re-provide offices for the British Red Cross within the new scheme on the site.




A town centre site close to local services and amenities

  • Within walking distance to services like housing, health services and public transport.
  • Local shops, parks, schools and faith centres for many faiths are close by.
  • Residents are part of a community and not isolated.
  • Most residents using temporary accommodation rely on walking and public transport.
  • Residents often have small children and pushchairs, so easy walking access at the heart of local amenities is important.



A town centre site that meets our needs

This was the only town centre site that met all the criteria of:

  • User needs
  • Our housing service
  • Using council owned land to meet local needs
  • Right size
  • Available immediately

The council is committed to making the best use of its land and property assets to:

  • Provide better services
  • Deliver projects that benefit communities
  • Enable renewal and regeneration in areas such as Desborough road
  • Deliver efficiencies
  • Respond to local need

Find out more about the proposed location