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Homelessness advice

I'm at risk of becoming homeless

If you have been threatened with eviction or worry that you might become homeless, we can offer information, help and advice:

I'm currently homeless

If you are currently homeless or sleeping rough, our team can offer support and help through a number of means. Get in touch today or find out how we can help below.

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Emergency and temporary accommodation

Temporary accommodation

Our current temporary accommodation is at Saunderton Lodge, around 6 miles outside High Wycombe.

Emergency accommodation

When the weather is forecast to be freezing or below for three consecutive nights we will provide emergency accommodation to anyone verified as rough sleeping in the Wycombe District. This emergency accommodation is provided in partnership with our partner agencies, including Wycombe Homeless Connection and Connection Support's Rough Sleeper Outreach.

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Finding a home

We can help you:

  • with your Bucks Home Choice application (for social housing).
  • explain the housing options available to you, including temporary accommodation or private housing
  • request a reviewing of a housing decision 
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Housing plans

We will work with you to agree a personalised housing plan to either prevent or relieve homelessness depending on the circumstances.

This plan will likely include steps you have agreed to take, such as negotiate with your parent or landlord if either are taking steps to evict you, or it may be that you will agree to try to find your own accommodation.

We will include steps that we have agreed to take, for example we may talk to your parent or landlord about trying to keep you in your current home if it’s suitable and safe to.

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Advice for vulnerable people

If you are a part of any of these vulnerable groups please see homelessness advice for vulnerable people for more information:

  • Homeless upon release from prison
  • Homeless after leaving hospital
  • Care leavers
  • Ex-armed forces personnel
  • Relationship breakdowns and domestic abuse
  • Suffering from a mental illness or learning disability
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P3 Charity Housing Support Service

P3 Charity's Housing Support service may be able to help you if you are aged 16 and over, live in Buckinghamshire and:

  • you have a significant risk of homelessness
  • you are struggling to manage your home independently
  • you need support to start a new tenancy

This free service is run by an independent charity and supported by the council.

You can make a referral online or call them on (freephone) 0808 164 1810.

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Our legal obligation

We have a legal duty to take steps to prevent and relieve homelessness.

See preventing homelessness for more information on our legal duty and your rights.

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Contact Us

Office hours are: 9am to 5:30pm Monday to Thursday and 9am to 5pm Friday.

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