Our housing options team can provide help and advice if you think you may be at risk of losing your home. To speak to someone about your position:

  • phone: 01494 421 212 between 8.45am to 5.15pm Monday to Thursday and 8.45am to 4.45pm on a Friday
  • emergency out of hours: 0800 999 7677
  • email: housingoptions@wycombe.gov.uk

How we can help

We will, wherever possible, try to help you remain in your home or, if necessary, help you find alternative accommodation. The type of help offered will depend on your household's circumstances.

You will be considered to be threatened with homelessness if you are going to lose the right to stay in your home within 28 days, eg: if you have a possession order from the court asking you to leave your home.

We will work with you to find somewhere to live regardless of your circumstances; however we only have a duty to those who are deemed to have a priority need.

You will be considered a priority need if:

  • you have dependent children who live with you on a permanent basis
  • you or a member of your household is pregnant
  • you or a member of your household are vulnerable
  • you are unable to stay in your present home because of a fire or flood
  • you are fleeing from domestic abuse
  • you are 16 or 17 years old
  • you are between 18 and 21 years old and are leaving care
  • you are vulnerable as a result of being looked after, accommodated or fostered
  • you are vulnerable as a result of being in the armed forces
  • you are vulnerable as a result of being in prison
  • you are vulnerable as a result of no longer living in a home where there was violence or the threat of violence.

We will need to see documents relevant to your circumstances, which can be used to decide what action can be taken, including:

  • court papers
  • tenancy agreement
  • proof of identity of each member of the household
  • proof of pregnancy
  • marriage certificate/divorce papers
  • proof of income
  • completion statement from the sale of property.

Intentional homelessness

We have a legal duty to consider if you have become homeless intentionally or not. If you pursue a homeless application with us and are considered to be homeless, eligible and have a priority need you may be considered intentionally homeless where we find that you did something that led to the loss of your home or did not do something to stop the loss of your home. For example:

  • not paying your rent or mortgage even though your income could cover it
  • not following advice given to you by a qualified advisor

Sleeping rough

If you find yourself sleeping rough on the streets of Wycombe District Council or our neighbouring district within Buckinghamshire County, or see anyone else doing so, please contact the connection outreach service.


The connection outreach service will aim to visit you at your rough sleeping site as soon as possible. They aim to complete an assessment of your needs as well as providing the most appropriate support to ensure you will be able to build a better future beyond a street life.

Renting privately

Estate and letting agents may be able to help you. However, some estate agents are unwilling to accept applicants who receive benefits. You should be aware that you may be asked for:

  • a deposit
  • up to six weeks rent in advance
  • a fee, if you rent through an estate agency (lettings agency)
  • references from your bank or previous landlord.

If you have a low income or are claiming benefits you may be able to get help from the council with paying your rent. A rent officer will check a reasonable amount of rent is being charged for accommodation a housing benefit claimant wishes to move into. If the rent is thought to be too high, housing benefit may not cover all of the rent and you may have to pay the extra rent yourself.

Benefits team contact details:

Further help

See: Connection Support (external website) for further assistance and advice.

Contact information

  • Telephone: 01494 421 212