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Desborough area renewal


We have ambitious plans to support the transformation of the Desborough Area through a mix of regeneration projects which will bring new homes and  employment sites to this part of the town.

These new developments include residential, retail, commercial and creative developments which are connected by the new alternative route.

This includes:

  • The creation of Wycombe Arts Centre at the former St John’s church
  • A new Lidl store
  • A new Aldi store
  • DesBox – a distinctive hub due to be completed in 2019, providing small studios and retail workspaces aimed at creative industries
  • New homes being built on the former gas site behind Eden Shopping Centre (Inland Homes)
  • Planning consent for 51 unit residential scheme over small commercial units for Collins House
  • Planning new apartments in the former furniture warehouses on Leigh Street.

Of the 696 residential units, 58 of these proposed are for temporary accommodation.

Renewal area map



  1. Collins House: 7 storeys, 51 residential units, 3 retail units. Permission granted.
  2. The Chiltern Rooms / Needham Bowl: 6 storeys, 85 residential units. Awaiting decision.
  3. Castle House: 5 storeys, 8 residential units. Permission granted.
  4. Former gasworks site: 8 storeys, 239 residential units, 1,472 sqm non-residential floorspace. Permission granted.
  5. Buckingham House: 8 storeys, 85 residential units, 331 sqm of non-residential floorspace. Permission granted.
  6. Birch House: 228 residential units. Permission granted.
  7. Baker Street:  Des Box: 1,771 sqm B1 business space. Permission granted. Aldi: 1,801 sqm A1 retail. Permission granted. Parking: proposed revision of Desborough Road parking. Subject to planning.
  8. Desborough Road: 5 storeys, 58 residential units. Subject to planning.

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