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Apply to join the housing register

Apply for affordable rented housing

To apply to join the housing register, please complete an application online:

Please ensure you include all documentation asked for to process your application. If you don't include the necessary documents your application may be delayed.

Criteria to join the housing register

You may apply to join the register if you are aged 16 or over.

You cannot apply to join the register if you:

  • do not meet the above criteria
  • are subject to immigration control

What happens with your application?

Once we have received all your information an assessment will be made and your application will be placed into a band, depending on your housing need. People in the highest bands are usually housed first.

If your circumstances change

If you are on the housing register, it is important to tell us if:

  • you move to a new address
  • a child is born into your household
  • anyone moves in or out of your home
  • you or your partner are in hospital or go abroad for more than six weeks
  • any of your other circumstances change.

Any change could result in a change to your band or your eligibility for a home. Please note that regularly contacting our staff will not change your band.

More about the housing register and Bucks Home Choice

The housing register is set up to allocate vacant social / affordable homes to individuals and families in the greatest need of housing. These are homes belonging to housing associations also referred to as Registered Providers or Registered Social Landlords.

There is a shortage of housing in the Wycombe district and the demand greatly exceeds the supply. It is not possible to house everyone who applies and those in the most urgent housing need will have the highest priority. You will have a higher priority in districts where you have a local connection (for example, where you live or work).

Bucks Home Choice is the name of the local choice based lettings scheme that operates across Buckinghamshire. Once registered, housing applicants and existing tenants who want to transfer can use Bucks Home Choice to search for a new home.

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Contact information

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