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How to keep your noise levels low

Remember that neighbours sharing parting walls, floors and ceilings tend to be worst affected, and that noise can cause problems depending on:

  • How loud it is
  • How long it lasts
  • How often it occurs
  • The time of day it happens

Everyone needs a rest from noise. Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your noise levels low at home.
Late night party

If you're having a party, remember to warn your neighbours in advance and tell them what time it will finish. Keep the music turned down low and don't stand outside on balconies or in gardens late at night. Ask your guests to go home quietly.

Outside noise

Don't operate noisy appliances or equipment such as lawn mowers or power tools late at night or early in the morning. If you're playing music outside, try to keep it at a level that cannot be heard outside your boundary. Make sure your children don't cause too much noise, especially by kicking balls against the neighbours' walls. If you have a marquee, remember that it has no sound insulation and all the noise you make inside will be heard outside.

Radios, stereos, TVs and musical instruments

Keep the volume as low as possible and if you have bass control on your stereo make sure it's turned down. Late at night you should use headphones. If you play a musical instrument avoid practicing early in the morning or late at night. Try to keep speakers isolated from the floor and wall, as the vibration may disturb your neighbours.


Let your neighbours know if you are carrying out potentially noisy DIY, eg using power tools or working on shared walls or floors. Carry out these activities during the day keeping the evening for less noisy work such as painting and decorating.

Domestic appliances

Noisy appliances such as washing machines, spin dryers, freezers and fridges should not be situated next to shared walls. Washing machines and spin dryers should stand on a solid floor or placed on a carpet or rubber mat to reduce vibration. Don't operate noisy appliances late at night or early in the morning.

Vehicles and repairs

Try to do noisy repairs during the day and if possible carry out work in a garage. Don't rev the engine excessively and keep in-car music levels down and the windows closed.