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Aircraft noise

Aircraft noise is excluded by law from statutory action by the council, but problems associated with local aircraft from Wycombe Air Park are resolved where possible through informal liaison.

The Wycombe Air Park Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) provides a forum to discuss matters about the development and operation of Wycombe Air Park. The JCC was set up by the management at Wycombe Air Park to meet their obligations to provide adequate facilities for consultation for matters that affect the committee's representative's interests.

Wycombe Air Park Joint Consultative Committee

The JCC works to minimise the impact of the Air Park's operations on the local environment. The JCC has representatives from these organisations:

  • Wycombe Air Park management
  • Local parish councils
  • Elected members of Buckinghamshire Council representing local interest
  • Booker Aviation representing fixed wing operations
  • Helicopter operators
  • Booker Gliding Club
  • Sands Residents Association
  • Booker Common and Woods Protection Society representing the area to the eastern side of the Air Park
  • Wycombe Air Park Action Group
  • Frieth Village Society

The JCC usually meets at least three times a year at Wycombe Air Park. Members of the public are invited to attend a consultative part of the meeting before the administrative part and can ask questions about the operation of the Air Park. For dates of future meetings, and the minutes of JCC meetings, please see the Wycombe Air Park website (external website).

Noise abatement zones

The JCC created noise abatement zones (NAZs) intended to reduce noise impact by preventing aircraft from flying over populated areas when climbing after take-off as this involves louder noise levels. The zones were established by combining the restrictions of internationally agreed procedures with the best interests of local residents in the more populated areas around the airfield.

The aircraft operators endeavour to follow the routes as far as possible and Wycombe Air Park strives to achieve 100 per cent compliance with the NAZs. When there is a continuous flow of trainee pilots, infringement of the NAZs by trainees or visitors may occur and occasionally deviations may happen for reasons of safety, under the guidance of air traffic control. The management of the Air Park and operators will deal with any infringement that is promptly brought to their attention.

Noise abatement procedure

There are four runway directions at Wycombe Air Park. The runway that is used will depend mainly upon the direction of the wind as aircraft generally take off and land into the wind. The runways in most frequent use are runway 24 (when the wind is blowing from the west) and runway 06 (when the wind is blowing from the east). Runways 24 and 06 are also used for glider towing and aircraft operating from runway 06 may have to cross the southern edge of the NAZ at Booker in certain weather conditions. For further details and a plan of the NAZs please see the Wycombe Air Park website (external website).

Only one NAZ will be in operation at any one time depending on which runway is in use. All aeroplanes under the control of the Wycombe Air Park control tower (within just over 2 miles) are subject to the NAZs. Large jets flying at above 2500 feet (above sea level) fly under the control of the London Area and Terminal Control Centre (LATCC).

To make a complaint

If you wish to make a complaint or report a breach of the NAZs it is important to get as much information as possible, including date and time of the event, aircraft registration number (the last two letters are the most important), aircraft colour and type (see below), and the reason for your complaint. Please use the contact details below if you wish to make a complaint. A form is also provided which you can complete and forward directly to Wycombe Air Park. This form is provided on their website (see contact details below).

Who to contact

Local flights

Wycombe Air Park
01494 529 262 or 01494 523 426
Website: (external website)

Airways Aero Associations Ltd
Wycombe Air Park
Bucks SL7 3DP

National flights

Heathrow Airport
0800 344 844

Civil Aviation Authority
020 7453 6524

Contact information

  • Telephone: 01494 412 247