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Unauthorised encampments on council-owned land

An 'unauthorised encampment' is when people camp on ground they do not own or have permission to camp on and we work hard to address any unauthorised encampments as soon as possible.

We want to ensure all residents, whether living in settled or transitory communities, are treated equally and with respect. Gypsies and Travellers have a right to a nomadic way of life. We also recognise that this has to be balanced with the rights of the public to enjoy private and public land, including parks and green spaces.

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Injunction order

In July and August 2019 we had to manage a large number of unauthorised encampments on council-owned green spaces.

In order to prevent further unauthorised encampments Wycombe District Council (now Buckinghamshire Council) successfully obtained an Interim High Court Injunction on 7 August 2019. Below you can view the full details of the injunction order, together with the supporting evidence, including the Equality Impact Assessment undertaken.

The order covers 101 council-owned sites where unauthorised encampments have previously been a problem or where there is a particular risk.

We will be able to speed up the process of removing unauthorised encampments, with the help of the police, provided there are no welfare issues. Persons will be directed to leave the site. If they don’t leave, they will be in breach of the injunction and this could lead to arrest.

Extension to injunction order

We have extended the terms of the original order until a further order is made.

The sealed order below delays the final hearing in this case to await the result of another case which is currently before the Court of Appeal.

Please note: if you require the scanned copy of the consent order in an accessible format please email

We have extended the terms of the original order until after 30 September 2020. The sealed order delays the final hearing of this case because of the current Coronavirus pandemic.

Discharge of injunction order

Following changes to the law and after taking legal advice the Council applied to have the interim injunction order discharged.

The above document may not be accessible to users of assistive technology. If you require the document in an alternative format, please contact

Reporting an unauthorised encampment

Gypsy and Traveller encampments

Please see our Gypsy and Traveller information (external link) for guidance and to report an unauthorised encampment.

Unauthorised building works on Traveller-owned land

To report building works on Traveller-owned land that you believe is taking place without permission please call our out of hours service on 01494 463 890 or use our planning enforcement form.