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We are responsible for the sweeping of streets and the removal of litter in the Wycombe area. This includes providing, maintaining and emptying litter bins in public places. We do our best to ensure a clean and safe local environment, but we need your help.

Please dispose of your rubbish responsibly. If you're out and about, always use a litter bin or take your rubbish home.

Different types of litter

Litter ranges in size and nature. It can be a sweet wrapper or a bag of rubbish. Discarded chewing and bubble gum, cigarette ends and matches are all types of litter.

Litter: it's a crime

Littering is illegal, anti-social and creates an unpleasant environment for everyone. It can be dangerous to animals and can encourage pests such as rats. Those who leave litter can be fined or face prosecution. This applies to individuals who drop litter in the street and to businesses or landowners who allow their premises to be defaced by rubbish.

Report litter

Please note: fly-tipping should be reported separately. Report fly-tipping online.

Litter on the street can be report to our joint waste team online.


Report an issue with litter

Damaged litter bins

If you notice a damaged litter bin please report this to our joint waste team online.

Report damaged litter bin

New litter bins

New litter bins can be requested online.

Request a litter bin


Contact information

  • Contact our joint waste team