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Lost dogs

Losing a much-loved pet is distressing and every dog owner should recognise that even the most obedient and well-guarded dog can wander off. Hopefully, your dog will find its way home or will be returned, but if it does not we recommend that you take immediate action.

Identifying your dog

The law requires that all dogs must be micro-chipped and must wear a collar with the owner's name and address inscribed on it, or on a disc attached to it, to enable the owner to be traced. If the dog is wearing a disc it is likely that it will be returned either by a member of the public or a dog warden. A micro-chip assists the dog warden to quickly identify an owner - the owner's current contact details need to be registered on the database against the micro-chip. If the owner cannot be identified we have no choice but to kennel the dog and a fee for the dogs return will then be payable.

Help prevent your dog from straying

It is essential that your dog gets an appropriate level of physical and mental stimulation to avoid problems like straying. Dogs that become bored are more likely to escape from the house or garden in search of an adventure.

Your dog may also stray to search for a mate. This can be countered by having your dog neutered.

What to do if you lose your dog

Contact our dog wardens

Stray dogs will often be picked up by our dog wardens and taken to a holding kennel. You can see recent stray dogs collected on Lost Dogs (external website).

If your dog has been collected you must call 03444 828300 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Sunday to arrange collection (calls to this number are standard rate and mobile friendly).

Please be aware that a fee is payable to collect your dog. This fee goes towards the collection costs and is currently set at £83 plus £17.50 for each additional day that the dog is kennelled.

An additional £25 is payable if a dog is not micro-chipped as required by law to reflect the additional administration in returning dogs that are not correctly registered.

Dogs are only held for the statutory seven day period. Fees are only reduced or waived in the most exceptional cases and if you wish to discuss this please call the dog warden manager. Fees have to be paid before the dog can be collected. You will also need to provide proof of your address (such as a recent utility bill) before you can collect your dog.

Contact re-homing centres

Sometimes a member of the public may take a stray dog directly to Stokenchurch Dog Rescue or as they do hold dogs that are delivered to them. Even if the dog warden has no knowledge of your pet, call them anyway - they may have your dog. You can contact Stokenchurch Dog Rescue on 01494 482 695.

Look out for notices posted in your local area

Occasionally a member of the public will look after a stray pet in their home. We do not advise this, but if it happens, they need to contact the dog wardens to have it registered. It is worth checking the local vets, shops, libraries, local press and other public noticeboards to see if anyone is searching for the owner of a dog.

Ask if you can put up notices in these places. Always keep an up-to-date photograph of your dog - a picture says far more than a written description.

Check your local areas

Visit places where you usually walk your dog - it may have just decided to walk itself! Look around your local area and if you have moved recently, ask around at your last address. It is surprising how far dogs have been known to travel.

Check building sites

Are there any building sites or workmen in your area? If so, ask around - it is amazing where an inquisitive dog can manage to get trapped.

Contact information

Our dog warden service is provided by SDK Environmental Ltd.

To tell us you've found a stray dog call 03444 828 320 (24 hour line, standard rate).

To report your dog missing or reclaim your dog call 03444 828 300 (standard rate).

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