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Dog wardens

We deal with stray dogs, nuisance caused by dogs - including dog mess - and education to encourage responsible ownership of dogs. A contractor deals with these issues on our behalf. An emergency service is provided outside of office hours.

Dog fouling

The law requires owners to clean up after their dogs in public places. Our dog wardens enforce this under the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996.

We will fine or prosecute people who fail to clean up after their dog where this is witnessed by our dog wardens or sufficient evidence is supplied by a member of the public.

We can issue fixed penalty fines of £50. If you are prosecuted in court for allowing your dog to foul in a public place and you fail to clean it up straight away, the maximum fine is £1000.

Dog owners should always take a bag with them to clear up. A small number of free poop bags are available from our Tourist Information Centres. Plastic sacks can also be purchased from most supermarkets and pet shops. Nappy sacks are a popular and inexpensive alternative.

If you are annoyed by dog fouling you can help us track down the offenders. If you witness an offence please tell us:

  • the exact location
  • the offender's type of dog
  • description of the person in charge of dog
  • vehicle registration and details
  • address of person committing the offence if you know this

We will try and follow up any information received.

Stray dogs

If you find a stray dog you should look for identification on its collar and if possible return it directly to its owner. If there is no identification you should call us during office hours and a dog warden will come and collect it.

Out of office hours the dog will be collected if you call our contractor or you can make arrangements to deliver it to them. Out of office hours we will only deal with stray dogs that have been contained. If you find a dog in another council's area you need to find out their arrangements for kennelling a dog.

We try and return dogs to their owners as soon as possible. All dogs are scanned for microchips and will be recorded on our register. We have to charge for dogs to be returned because of the costs incurred. The sooner a dog is returned the lower the charge will be. All owners should ensure their dog has a collar with a tag with their contact numbers on as well as a microchip, both of these being a legal requirement. You should ensure that the contact details held by your microchip provider are kept up to date.

Lost dogs

  • See Lost dogs for advice on how to find a lost dog.

Dangerous or illegal dogs

The police are responsible for dogs that are dangerously out of control or suspected to be illegal. Phone them to report a dangerous or illegal dog.

  • For non-emergencies phone: 101
  • In an emergency phone: 999

Noisy dogs

Our dog wardens can help if you have a problem with a noisy dog.

Contact information

  • Our dog warden service is provided by SDK Environmental Ltd.
  • For complaints about dogs other than noisy dogs, or for the collection of stray dogs during office hours, call 03444 828 342 (calls to this number are at standard rate and mobile friendly)
  • For the collection of stray dogs at times out of office hours call 03444 828320 (calls to this number are at standard rate and mobile friendly)
  • For complaints about noisy dogs please call 01494 412 247 and press option 4. We record these complaints before passing them on to the dog warden.

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