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Online council tax and benefits account no longer available
The system for managing council tax accounts online is no longer available. To check your council tax balance and payments, please contact us.

Change your council tax details

Change of circumstance

Please use this form to report changes to the number of adults living at your property, when people have moved in or out, and any changes that may affect the council tax discount or exemption your currently receive.

Report a change of circumstance 

Note: If you are receiving housing benefit, council tax reduction, discretionary or any other benefit from us, please report any changes to your circumstances here.

Moving home

If you are moving into, within or out of the Wycombe area, please let us know. Landlords or estate agents should also notify us of any changes in tenancy. This is so you pay the right amount for your properties.

Report change of address

If you don't tell us

If your circumstances have changed and you do not tell us immediately or if you give false information to try to get relief or discount that you are not entitled, we may charge you a penalty of £70.

If you have had a penalty charged against you and we have to ask you again for same again for the same information, we may charge you a further penalty of £280.

Contact information

  • To talk to us about council tax discounts and exemptions:
  • Telephone: 01494 412 226