Council tax reduction

Am I eligible for council tax reduction?

You may be eligible for council tax reduction if you are on a low income. Scheme details are decided locally.

How do I apply for council tax reduction?

The quickest way to get council tax reduction or benefits is to apply online.

Apply for council tax reduction now

How much council tax reduction will I get?

Your council tax bill will tell you how much council tax reduction you will get.

If you apply during the year and you qualify for a council tax reduction, you will receive a revised council tax bill showing your reduction.

If you do not qualify for a reduction, you will receive a letter or email to explain this.

Scheme details

Details of the Wycombe DC scheme are as follows:

  1. Pensioners are protected from reductions in benefit. This is a government requirement
  2. Apart from pensioners and vulnerable people (see 9. below for a list of vulnerable people) everyone is expected to make a contribution towards their council tax. All those who previously received council tax benefit have seen a reduction in support of 20 per cent. This means that, apart from pensioners and vulnerable people, everyone will have to make a contribution towards their council tax.
  3. Capital (for example, savings) is restricted to £6,000. This means if you have more than £6,000 in savings you will not get any reduction
  4. The second adult rebate has ceased
  5. Work incentives built into council tax benefit have been carried forward into the council tax reduction scheme
  6. Backdating is restricted to one month
  7. There is a discretionary fund is available in cases of hardship that meet the criteria set out in the discretionary fund officer guidelines here
  8. Claimants must notify the council of changes in their circumstances within one month to avoid a reduction in reduction payments
  9. The following groups are defined as vulnerable and are protected from reductions in benefit mentioned in (2) above:

Applicants in receipt of:

  • Disability living allowance (mobility) - lower and higher components
  • Disability living allowance (care) - lower, middle and higher components
  • Personal independence payments
  • Employment reduction allowance - support component
  • War disablement pension
  • War widows pension

See: Council tax reduction scheme [PDF | 1.2MB]: full legal text of the scheme adopted by Wycombe District Council for 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020

How do I pay my council tax?

Contact information

  • Telephone: 01494 412 227