Community Trigger

The Community Trigger allows victims of frequent anti-social behaviour to request a review of their case. Once the Community Trigger has been requested, the relevant agencies (which many include us, the police, health providers and/or social housing) will work together to decide whether further action can be taken to resolve the issue.

The Community Trigger is not for making a complaint or reporting anti-social behaviour. To report an anti-social behaviour incident, please see above. If you want to make a complaint about how an organisation has dealt with your case, contact them directly.

When should I use the Community Trigger?

The Community Trigger can be used when either:

  • three reports of anti-social behaviour have been made to the council, police or registered social landlord about the same issue in the last six months, and you feel no action has been taken; or

  • five individuals have separately reported the same issue in the last six months and feel no action has been taken.

How to request a Community Trigger

  • See The Community Trigger [PDF | 307KB]: complete the form and return to the freepost address on the form