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Protecting vulnerable adults

In line with the countywide policy, our protecting vulnerable adults policy exists to:

  • ensure the safety of the vulnerable adult
  • raise awareness of adult abuse
  • investigate the suspected or alleged abuse
  • assess the needs of the vulnerable adult
  • put in place actions to reduce any identified or potential risk
  • ensure the protection of the vulnerable adult where abuse has been substantiated or where concerns remain
  • ensure all parties are kept informed at all times

All agencies working with vulnerable adults have an essential role in recognising when vulnerable adults may be in need of protection. Agencies also have a responsibility when working in partnership with the vulnerable adults, their family, their carer(s) and each other.

Protection of vulnerable adults requires appropriate and timely sharing of information between agencies. It also requires a clear understanding of the decisions and actions that may be required and the timescales involved.

Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Board

Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Board (BSVAB)
(external website) is a group of statutory, private, voluntary, and independent organisations across Buckinghamshire who work together to empower and protect some of the most vulnerable members of our community.


Careline is available to anyone who has any suspicions about someone they know or something they have seen. If you or someone you know is being mistreated or abused please call BSVAB's careline on 0800 137 915.