Apply for an annual revenue community support grant (from £1500)

Use this form to apply for an annual revenue community support grant from £1500.

Applications for these larger grants are accepted once a year for funding in the next financial year. Annual revenue grants are awarded as a contribution towards an organisation's core costs, enabling them to continue to provide services throughout the year.

2020/2021 applications open soon

Privacy statement

We (Wycombe District Council) will collect and process some personal information as part of your grant application. We need to collect and process the information so that we can perform a task carried out in the public interest and in the exercise of our official authority: that is, processing your grant application.

We will collect this information through a web form. We will not share any of the information collected with any other person or organisation.

We ask for this information to help us process your grant application.

We ask for personal identifiable details of named group/organisation officers (name, and contact details) in support of your grant application.

Your information collected through the web form will be sent to the relevant council service by email.

Your information will also be held within our web content management system (CMS) database for 31 days and then permanently deleted. The database is held in a secure UK based data centre leased by our CMS provider: Zengenti Ltd, Old Pump House, Cleedownton, Ludlow, SY8 3EG.

Please also refer to our full data privacy statement.