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Wycombe Street Support Partnership

Working together to help people on the streets of High Wycombe


What is Wycombe Street Support Partnership?

The Wycombe Street Support Partnership is a group of local organisations working collaboratively to address issues of concern in High Wycombe, with a specific focus on the town centre.

Our organisations each have an individual role in supporting members of our street community. This includes providing support for housing, helping address substance misuse or, when necessary, using enforcement to address anti-social behaviour and criminality.

Our main aims are to:

  • provide support to help rehabilitate those in need
  • inform you about how we work together to offer real help
  • motivate people who are begging to seek help
  • enable you to make an informed choice about how you can help
  • make the streets safer both for you and our street community
  • discourage giving money to people who are begging on the streets
  • make begging less profitable

People power: why we need your support...

The issues we're trying to address are social problems. We believe that real and lasting change can only be achieved with public support.

We provide factual information on the issues affecting those on our streets in order to empower you to make a choice about the action you want to take and the different ways you can help.

Spare change or real change?

We believe that offering shelter, emergency food, clothing and specialist support for substance abuse is a bigger help than giving money to those begging on the street.

If you continue to give money, beggars will continue to beg. This can lead to a vicious cycle that keeps people on the streets, instead of helping them find a way to build a life off the streets. Some beggars have issues with substance misuse and giving them money can keep them stuck in a cycle of misuse and discourage them from reaching out for help from support services.

How can you help?

It’s difficult to just walk past someone in need. Instead of giving spare change to beggars, you can bring about real lasting change by emailing the following details to

  • his or her first name
  • a brief physical description
  • where and when you saw them

Our outreach services will then make contact with them to offer help and support.

You can also help by donating to our partner charities below.

Who is involved?

Wycombe Street Support Partnership is a collaboration between Buckinghamshire Council, Connection Support, One Recovery Bucks, Wycombe Homeless Connection, Thames Valley Police, Wycombe Rent Deposit Guarantee Scheme and Citizens Advice.

Our partners
      Connection Support logo            Wycombe Homeless Connection Logo            Wycombe Rent Deposit Guarantee Scheme         Citizens-Advice-Logo
 DONATE to Connection Support DONATE to Wycombe homeless connection DONATE to the Wycombe rent deposit Guarantee scheme DONATE to the wycombe citizens advice bureau


More partners
    One Recovery Bucks logo           High Wyc Bid Co Logo      Thames Valley Police logo
WEBSITEfor one recovery bucks WEBSITEfor HW Bid Co. WEBSITEfor Thames Valley Police

Further information

To find out more, download our Street Support Leaflet

We will be holding public awareness events in the town centre and posting news and info to local social media channels. We will also update this page periodically and would welcome your questions and feedback by contacting the Street Support Team on