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The Prevent strategy forms one of the four strands of the UK government's counter-terrorism strategy, known as CONTEST (external website).

The UK faces a continuing threat from both international and domestic terrorism. The Prevent strategy aims to stop people becoming terrorists, or supporting terrorism.

Violent extremism can emerge from any community and can be inspired from a wide range of causes.

What does this mean for Wycombe District?

Prevent is driven by various groups with influence at the local level. Since 2013, we have been developing a Prevent Delivery Plan with key stakeholders, such as the police and other emergency services, local government and councils, local businesses and voluntary groups, and members of the general public.

Each of these groups has an instrumental role to play in monitoring the resilience of our local communities to the threat posed by extremism. Members of the public can play an important role in preventing extremist groups from operating within their communities.

Reporting concerns

No one is better placed than members of the public to notice potential extremist activity taking place within their own community. The following list provides some possible examples. This list is not exhaustive and is intended for illustrative purposes only:

  • distributing leaflets or displaying posters that carry a violent extremist message
  • accessing violent extremist forums or websites in internet cafes
  • extremist groups meeting at community centres
  • viewing terrorist or violent extremist promotional videos

Incidents such as these can be reported to Thames Valley Police via 101. Extremist activity can also be reported through the Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321. The line is confidential, anonymous and intended for the reporting of non-life threatening activity.

To report potentially immediate threats, such as a suspicious vehicle or package, always call 999.

The public can now report online content (suspicious internet sites, chat rooms or other web-based forums) they suspect may be of a violent extremist or terrorist nature through this online form (external website).

Prevent action plan

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