Pet shop licences

Any person carrying out the business of selling animals as pets must have a licence. Breeders of pedigree animals who sell their animals directly are exempt.

Apply for a licence

You can pay and apply for a licence or change a licence online at GOV.UK:

Alternatively, you can download an application form.

Please complete and return to us with the application fee:

  • £210 for shops 75 square metres or less
  • £340 for shops larger than 75 square metres

Does tacit consent apply?

No. We must process your application before it can be granted.

Licence requirements

  • That all the animals will at all times be kept in accommodation suitable in respect of size, temperature, construction, lighting, ventilation and cleanliness
  • That the animals will be adequately supplied with suitable food and drink and visited at appropriate intervals
  • That mammals will not be sold at too early an age
  • That all reasonable precautions will be taken to prevent the spread of infectious disease
  • That appropriate steps will be taken in case of fire of other emergency

We will shall specify such conditions in the licence that appear necessary to meet the licence requirements.


The legislation covering this area is: Pet Animals Act 1951.

Failed application redress

Please contact us in the first instance.

Any person who is refused a licence can appeal to High Wycombe Magistrates' Court (Law Courts, Easton Street, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP11 1LR, phone: 01494 651 017 email: The court may give directions on the issue of a licence.

Licence holder redress

Please contact us in the first instance.

Any licence holder who objects to a condition attached to a licence may appeal to High Wycombe Magistrates' Court. The court may give directions on the issue of a condition.

Consumer complaint

We would always advise that in the event of a complaint the first contact is made with the trader by you - preferably in the form a letter (with proof of delivery). If that has not worked, see GOV.UK: Consumer rights (external website) for advice. From outside the UK contact the UK European Consumer Centre (external website).

Latest data

What is this data

This register lists all pet shops registered in the Wycombe district. We publish this data annually. This information is held on DataShare, our home for open data

Data format

The data is published in PDF format for ease of viewing. We also publish in csv and xml format on DataShare, our home for open data, for ease of sorting and aggregating.

See Transparency and open data to find out more about file formats.

open government licenceThis data is licensed under the Open Government Licence (external website). That means you are free to download and re-use the data.

Contact information

  • Telephone: 01494 412 247