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Premises licence

A premises licence allows supply of alcohol, entertainment or late night refreshment at your business.

How to apply for a premises licence

When you apply you will need to:

  • pay the correct fee
  • provide a premises plan
  • a full operating schedule
  • provide details of the premises supervisor (who holds a personal licence), where alcohol is sold
  • advertise your licence application

The easiest way to apply for a licence is online through GOV.UK

Apply for a premises licence

Applications for premises licences can take up to two months to process.

Personal licences

Anyone who needs to authorise alcohol sales requires a personal licence.

Renewals and changes to a premises licence

You can change or renew a premises licence online at the GOV.UK:

You can pick up forms from reception at our office in Queen Victoria Road, High Wycombe or we can post/email one to you.

Will tacit consent apply?

Tacit consent applies to every type of application except for "minor variation to a premises or club licence" which will not offer tacit consent. In this case, we must process your application before it can be granted.

Where tacit consent does apply, this means that you will be able to act as though your application is granted if you have not heard from us by the end of the target completion period.

Target completion periods

Target completion periods for premises licences are as follows:

  • Apply for a premises licence (28 days)
  • Change a premises licence (28 days)
  • Renew a premises licence (21 days of invoice)
  • Provisional statement (28 days)
  • Apply for a designated premises supervisor to be disapplied (N/A)
  • Change a premises licence to specify an individual as designated premises supervisor (14 days)
  • Request to be removed as a designated premises supervisor (N/A)
  • Transfer a premises licence (14 days)
  • Interim authority notice (seven days)
  • Consent to transfer (14 days)
  • Consent to be designated (14 days)
  • Apply for a minor variation to a premises or club licence (tacit consent does not apply)
  • Notification of change of name or address (on receipt)

Operating schedule

The operating schedule must provide details of the designated premises supervisor where alcohol will be sold and the steps the applicant proposes to promote the licensing objectives. It should include

  • descriptive information about the premises
  • a statement of the proposed relevant licensable activities
  • details of any risks associated with the location
  • size of location
  • opening hours
  • controls on capacity
  • sound insulation
  • door supervisors
  • any controls are proposed

Objections to applications

If there are no objections, then the licence, certificate or variation will be automatically granted, subject only to mandatory conditions and conditions which are consistent with the operating schedule.

If there are valid objections (from either responsible bodies or interested parties) to your licence application, then the Licensing Panel will decide the application.

Responsible authorities

Certain types of licence applications must be sent to the relevant responsible authority.


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