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Discretionary business rates relief scheme application

  • Please use this form to apply for discretionary business rates relief.
    Please provide as much information as possible so that we can deal with your application quickly. Please see the link to our privacy statement to learn what we do with the information we collect from you.
  • A. Business or organisation details
  • B. State aid information
    State aid is any advantage granted by public authorities through state resources on a selective basis to any organisations that could potentially distort competition and trade in the European Union (EU). State aid rules can (among other things) apply to the following: grants, loans, rating reliefs etc, tax breaks, including enhanced capital allowances, the use or sale of a state/public asset for free or at less than market price. The rules can apply to funding given to charities, public authorities and other non-profit making bodies where they are involved in commercial activities. De minimis aid is small amounts of state aid given to an enterprise which cannot exceed €200,000 over any three fiscal years to any company irrespective of size or location. De minimis aid can come from any State body, authority, agency or department.
  • 1. Does your company or organisation qualify for "de minimis" aid?
  • 2. Does your company or organisation receive any other "de minimis" aid, (including any other financial support such as retail business rate relief).
  • C. Your details
    We need your details in case we need to contact you.
  • 1. Your name

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