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Website visitors

Our website statistics tool measures and reports human visitors to the website. Some web statistics tools measure and report both people and web crawlers. Web crawlers (also known as web spiders or web robots) are sent out automatically by sites such as search engines to aid searching.

Website visitor statistics: 2017
MonthSite sessionsPage viewsUnique users
November 68,414 247,290 45,638
October 71,908 260,650 47,390
September 65,992 236,443 44,244
August 70,427 242,160 47,635
July 69,755 224,769 47,188
June 74,694 241,815 50,743
May 90,447 278,183 61,427
April 80,485 257,742 56,104
March 81,055 280,529 54,560
February 68,245 232,496 47,193
January 90,398 314,314 61,411

Site sessions: Total number of visits made to the site.
Page views: Total number of requests from a visitor's browser for a displayable page.
Unique users: Total number of unique users who have visited the site.

Website availability

Availability figures for our main website (

Website availability: 2017
MonthAvailability (percentage of time)Average response time (seconds)
November 100.00 0.36
October 100.00 0.37
September 99.99 0.38
August 99.90 0.41
July 99.86 0.52
June 100.00 0.51
May 99.99 0.53
April 99.96 0.50
March 99.99 0.50
February 100.00 0.49
January 99.99 0.59

Availability: Using 24 hour monitoring, this shows the percentage of time in a given month that the site was available to the public.
Average response time: This shows the average time taken to download the home page in a given month.

Website response times [CSV | 72KB]: historic data for all our websites showing page load times and performance

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