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Your personal information: your consent to data collection and retention

We ask for your consent to collect and hold (retain) some personal information when you sign up to the web testing panel.

We (Wycombe District Council) will collect this information through a web form.

We may share the information collected through this form with our contractors who are engaged to carry out testing for us.

We ask for this information to help build a testing panel. Results from the tests help us in making improvements to our website.

We ask for personal identifiable details (name, email address and (optional) phone number) so that we can contact you to invite you to testing events. We ask that for your testing preferences.

Your information collected through the web form will be sent to our web team by email and held in a spreadsheet on our corporate network. It will be retained on our corporate email system for two weeks after receipt at which time it will be deleted.

Your information will also be held within our web content management system (CMS) database. The database is held in a secure data centre in the United Kingdom.

You may withdraw consent for us to hold some or all of the information at any time. Please email to arrange removal.

Please also refer to our full data privacy statement.