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Document validation privacy notice

As a data controller and competent authority, we (Buckinghamshire Council) collect personal data and sensitive personal data for the purposes of the prevention, investigation, detection or prosecution of criminal offences or the execution of criminal penalties.

We will hold personal data and information about staff, potential employees and customers. This includes scanned copies of documents such as passports, visas, identity cards, driving licences, bank statements and utility bills. These documents will contain personal information including names, dates of birth, addresses and unique document numbers pertaining only to the individual.

We will validate the identity document(s) presented to us by these individuals who are trying to assert their identities and will perform a variety of checks on the document(s) which have been presented to confirm its validity.

On completion, a validation report (in PDF format) confirming the status of the document will be sent to the service via email (acting as a data controller) for which the service is being requested and will be retained in line with the individual service document and retention disposal policy.  No personal data is held in the physical scanning device.

As a data controller we are able to submit documents to the supplier's document helpdesk for an expert opinion when required. The desktop application generates an email and attaches an encrypted file with copies of the documents concerned. (Encryption uses 256 bit AES encryption and a password that is 32 characters long, composed of both upper and lower cases letters as well as numbers.)

Documents submitted to the helpdesk are opened and processed on secure cloud servers, which are accessed by a secure remote connection, using a two factor authentication. No emails or other information containing personal data are ever kept on employees’ machines.  Access to the servers are restricted only to staff who review and respond to referrals.

Our Data Protection Officer can be contacted at Buckinghamshire Council, The Gateway, Gatehouse Road, Aylesbury, HP19 8FF or by email at