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Press and media enquiries

The Communications department are responsible for issuing press releases which communicate new strategies, stories and major projects.

Press enquiries

If you are a member of the press and wish to contact the council with an enquiry you should contact Communications in the first instance.

Our policy on dealing with the media

All press enquiries will come through Communications in the first instance and all statements will go out from it centrally. The Council is Member led in terms of media relations and portfolio holders/ Leader/ Deputy Leader/ Chairman will comment on all matters of policy. Normally any quotation will be prefaced with the phrase "Cllr xxxxx Cabinet Member with responsibility for xxxxx said" or similar.

Officers will only comment and be identified in order to confirm matters of fact or operational details and will not express a personal opinion on policy issues. Officers, for the most part, will contact the press through Communications.

Only exceptionally will the press be allowed to make direct contact with an officer (for example, in order to explain a complex procedure or precise details relating to a particular case) and only then at the request of Communications who will brief them of the nature of the contact.

Communications will supply a copy of the final release/ statement to relevant portfolio holder and any officer involved in a query/ release.

Contact information

  • Telephone: 01494 421 625; 01494 421 557 or 01494 421 230

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