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Regulation of investigatory powers

Regulation of investigation powers policy and procedures

We have adopted the following policy and procedures to meet our legal requirements under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) (external website):

Scope of the act

RIPA provides the legal basis for authorising covert surveillance and the use of a "covert human intelligence source" such as undercover agents.

RIPA aims to ensure that any interference with an individual's rights under Article 8 of the European Convention (external website) is necessary and proportionate. In doing so, RIPA therefore balances the public interest and the human rights of individuals.

Who is covered

Directly employed council staff and external agencies working for us are covered by the act for the duration of their employment. All external agencies must comply with RIPA and the work carried out by agencies on our behalf must be properly authorised by one of our designated authorised officers.

Our policy statement

We take seriously our statutory responsibilities and will, at all times, act in accordance with the law and take necessary and proportionate action in these types of matters.

The council has resolved that:

  • all covert surveillance exercises conducted by the council should comply with the requirements of RIPA
  • only the named officers shall be permitted to authorise a covert surveillance exercise, and
  • this report will be referred to all those advisory teams which may carry out covert surveillance