Our management

Organisation charts

Senior officers

Our strategic management board (SMB) meets every week to consider a range of issues affecting council services. SMB plays a key role in deciding the strategic direction of the council and is made up of the following senior officers.

Karen Satterford, Chief Executive

Karen leads the officer team and is head of paid service. Working for and with councillors, Karen is ultimately responsible for all our activities. Karen is also formally responsible for specific major projects.

susan bolter
Susan Bolter, Corporate Director

Susan is responsible for the service areas of planning and sustainability, community, homes and housing and environment. Susan is also responsible for leading on some of our major external projects.

Elaine Jewell, Head of Community

Elaine is responsible for a wide range of service areas that help to contribute to our quality of life: sports development; the museum; tourist information centres; arts development; parks; community safety and CCTV; community development; services for young people and the rangers.

Catherine Whitehead, Head of Democratic, Legal and Policy

Catherine is responsible for providing legal advice, support for all 60 councillors and their meetings, land charges; electoral registration; communications; community planning, including our local strategic partnership, community engagement; cross-boundary partnership working; organisational development; service improvements including performance management; emergency planning; business continuity and economic development.

David Skinner
David Skinner, Head of Finance and Commercial

David is responsible for providing a range of back-office support services including accountancy, treasury management, payroll, creditors and debtors, procurement, audit and risk management. David is also responsible for revenues services that include council tax and housing benefits and fraud.

Caroline Hughes, Head of Environment

Caroline is responsible for many of our essential services such as rubbish collection, recycling, street cleanliness, car parks and public toilets. Caroline is also responsible for a range of environmental services dealing with public health, food safety, health and safety, pollution, pest control, dog control, licensing, taxis, liquor and gambling licenses.

John McMillan, Head of Human Resources, ICT, Customer Service Centre and Shared Support Services

John is responsible for providing a range of back-office support services that include human resource management; training and development; corporate administration; ICT services; design and print and our customer service centre.

Penelope Tollitt, Head of Planning and Sustainability

Penelope is responsible for the three key areas of development management, spatial planning and building control. The service overall covers all aspects of planning applications (including pre-application advice, appeals and compliance); building regulations; planning policy including the Local Development Framework; infrastructure and environmental planning; urban design; conservation and tree projects.

Data format

We publish our data in Excel format for accessibility and csv and xml format on DataShare for ease of sorting and aggregating.

See Transparency and open data to find out more about file formats.

This data is licensed under an Open Government Licence (external website). That means you are free to download and re-use the data.