County, district and parish councils

County and district councils

In many parts of England there are two tiers of local government: county councils and district councils. Larger towns and cities have just one council providing all the functions of the two.

The Wycombe district follows the two tier system and is served by Wycombe District Council and Buckinghamshire County Council. Services provided by the district council include housing, waste collection and leisure facilities. Services provided by the county council include social care, education and highway services. The money for these services comes mainly from council tax, government grants, fees and charges.

Parish and town councils

The Wycombe district also has parish and town councils, which are the most local level of government. Parish and town councils are independent, with little political orientation, and have powers to undertake a wide range of functions in their local communities. They also provide a voice for local residents, enabling communities to comment on local issues.

More about Wycombe district parish councils

Services provided by councils in the Wycombe district
Service Buckinghamshire County Council Wycombe District Council Parish or town council
Community centres and village halls No Yes Yes
Education Yes No No
Highways Yes No No
Housing No Yes No
Parking - off street No Yes No
Parking - on street Yes No No
Parks and open spaces No Yes Yes
Planning Yes Yes No
Recycling and rubbish collections Yes Yes No
Social services Yes No No
Street lighting Yes No Yes