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Consultation: homelessness, rough sleeping and affordable housing strategy

We are now consulting on our proposed 2020-2022 homelessness, rough sleeping and affordable housing strategy.

Full details of this consultation, as well as the consultation draft action plan and other supporting documents can be viewed below.


Following a review of our previous strategy by Shelter, we are sharing our proposed action plans to work with people who are at risk of, or have become, homeless as well as those who are sleeping rough. The action plan also includes our actions regarding affordable housing in general, including private sector housing enforcement, houses of multiple occupation and disabled facility grants.

The public consultation on these action plans will inform our new homelessness, rough sleeping and affordable housing strategy.

Purpose and detail

Through this consultation we want to hear local views which will help us to refine our approach to improving housing in the district for all. The new strategy will be a two-year strategy that follows on from our 2014-2019 strategy.

Find out more and view the consultation draft of our proposed homelessness, rough sleeping and affordable housing strategy (action plan) below.

Supporting documents


A public consultation was run for eight weeks from Monday 5 August to Monday 30 September 2019. See expected outcome to find out what happens next.

Consultation closed

Privacy notice

As part of this public consultation exercise any information you give us, including personal data, may be put into the public domain, including on this website. Please read our privacy notice before submitting.

Contact details

If you have any questions about this consultation please get in touch with the team at

Expected outcome

We will use your comments to help us shape and improve the way we support people at risk homelessness, or who have become homeless, in Wycombe District.

The new strategy will be reviewed again prior to 2022, when a new strategy for the new Buckinghamshire Council will need to be completed and implemented.