Consultation: Hughenden Park play area upgrade

This consultation has now closed

Purpose and detail

We carried public consultation with Hamilton Academy and local residents, during July and August 2016, on upgrading the Hughenden Park play area.

What happens next

The result of the Hughenden Park play area public consultation has been decided. Kompan are the winning design and work is due to start in early May 2017 to install the new equipment.


Hughenden Park play area residents' questionnaire

We posted 650 surveys through doors within a 600 metre straight line walking distance of the existing play area. In total 143 completed questionnaires were returned.

Of the equipment suggested in first place was climbing equipment in the form of rope nets, climbing frames and climbing walls. Second place swings, again different types of swings were suggested from cradle and flat swing seats, large nest or tyre swings, rope swings and roundabout swings e.g. that spins round like the duel swing on The Rye or the Hags Titan. Third place slides again a range of options suggested large slides, twisty/curved slides and the lookout slide like Flackwell Heath. In fourth place Zip wire and in fifth trampolines.

What was also evident was the importance of getting a good balance of equipment that is suitable for all ages. Those with toddlers thought there was not enough for them to do in the current play area. Also once children have reached the age of between 7 and10 years it was suggested they have outgrown the current play area.

Hughenden Park play area Hamilton school questionnaire

We sent Hamilton Academy 450 questionnaires to seek the views of the children from years 2 to 6. In total 327 completed questionnaires were returned. The results are below split into year groups. The overall totals at the end of each column.

The six top scoring items for equipment suggestions were swings, monkey bars, slide, climbing frames/nets/walls, zip wire and trampolines. However please note as well as just a standard slide other slide options were mentioned such as a twisty slide, bumpy slide, double slide and fast/high slide. There were various different suggestions for swings, such as magic carpet, roundabout swings and nest swings.

The overall result for type of material that should be used for the play area was a mixture of wooden and metal materials.

The top scoring suggested theme for the new play area was Jungle/Forest, second Sports/Activity theme, third Under the sea, fourth Animal/wildlife and joint fifth Space and Minecraft.

In the other comments suggestions picnic benches/seats, café and toilets were high scoring suggested items.