Take part in open consultations and view the results of closed consultations.


Closed consultations

  1. Closed planning consultations
  2. Consultation on the draft Princes Risborough Town Plan
  3. Consultation on the Abbey Barn South development brief
  4. Consultation: draft Bledlow-cum-Saunderton Neighbourhood Plan
  5. Consultation: draft residential design guidance
  6. Consultation: draft Wycombe district local plan
  7. Consultation: Wycombe district public spaces protection order
  8. Consultation on the Gomm Valley and Ashwells development brief
  9. Consultation: publication Bledlow-cum-Saunderton Neighbourhood Plan
  10. Consultation: Alscot and Horsenden conservation area appraisals
  11. Consultation on new visitor facilities at the Rye
  12. Consultation: Wycombe play strategy
  13. Consultation on the Terriers Farm development brief
  14. Consultation: Ashwells development proposal
  15. Consultation: Totteridge recreation ground improvements
  16. Consultation: Hughenden Park play area upgrade
  17. Hughenden Park Play area public vote
  18. Consultation: Community safety priorities 2017 to 2018
  19. Consultation: Baker Street renewal
  20. Consultation: Bellfield Road development proposal
  21. Consultation: Wycombe district Public Spaces Protection Order - West End Road
  22. Consultation on the Slate Meadow development brief
  23. Consultation: Longwick-cum-Ilmer Submission Neighbourhood Plan
  24. Consultation: Hedsor and Riversdale conservation area appraisal
  25. Consultation: proposed Great and Little Kimble neighbourhood area
  26. Consultation: publication of the Wycombe District Local Plan
  27. Consultation: Daws Hill neighbourhood forum
  28. Parks survey, April 2018
  29. Consultation: draft Daws Hill Neighbourhood Plan
  30. Consultation: customer experience of our car parks
  31. Consultation: Desborough new temporary accommodation
  32. Consultation: Penn Road new proposed cemetery
  33. Consultation: Desborough Street off-street parking places order 2018
  34. Consultation: Proposed Main Modifications to Wycombe District Local Plan
  35. Consultation: Daws Hill neighbourhood plan submission
  36. Consultation: New off-street parking places order 2019
  37. Consultation: Princes Risborough expansion plan


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Personal data - fair processing notice

From time to time we carry out consultation exercises with members of the public. As part of such an exercise any information received by us, including personal data, may be put into the public domain, including on this website.