Police and crime commissioner election 5 May 2016

We administered the police and crime commissioner election in the Wycombe district on behalf of the 'Police Area Returning Officer' (PARO) for Thames Valley, David Buckle (South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Councils).


  • Results of Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Election 2016 (link currently disabled)

Breakdown for the Wycombe district

Dateofelection Policearea Candidatename Candidatesurname Description Votesfirstcount Votessecondcount Elected
05/05/2016 00:00:00 Thames Valley Laetisia Catherine CARTER Labour Party 5743 1377
05/05/2016 00:00:00 Thames Valley John Orrell HOWSON Liberal Democrat 2363
05/05/2016 00:00:00 Thames Valley Anthony Hamer Rennie STANSFELD The Conservative Party Candidate 10183 1955 Yes
05/05/2016 00:00:00 Thames Valley Lea TRAINER UK Independence Party (UKIP) 2796

Election notices

The role of a police and crime commissioner