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Wycombe District Council election 3 May 2007

Please note: Wycombe District Council is one of the five previous local authorities that now form Buckinghamshire Council.


Wycombe District Council election results 3 May 2007
Abbey Khalil Ahmed Labour 712    
Abbey Lesley Clarice Conservative 1282 Elected  
Abbey Alan Hill Conservative 1182 Elected  
Abbey Mahboob Hussain Conservative 1144 Elected  
Abbey Adnan Khan Labour 737    
Abbey Duncan MacDonald UKIP 233    
Abbey Paul Mansell Labour 589    
Bledlow and Bradenham David Devine Conservative uncontested Elected  
Booker and Cressex Ian Bates Labour 283    
Booker and Cressex Darren Hayday Conservative 561 Elected  
Booker and Cressex Hedley Luxton UKIP 247    
Booker and Cressex Bnan Pearce UKIP 410    
Booker and Cressex Robert Perkins Liberal Democrat 136    
Booker and Cressex Val Razzaq Conservative 410 Elected Elected by lot
Booker and Cressex Nigel Vickery Labour 278    
Bourne End-cum-Hedsor   Sean Boardman Conservative 646    
Bourne End-cum-Hedsor   Simon Fowice Liberal Democrat 714 Elected  
Bourne End-cum-Hedsor   Brian Pollock Liberal Democrat 787 Elected  
Bourne End-cum-Hedsor   David Watson Conservative 710    
Bowerdean Chaudhary Ditta Labour 678 Elected  
Bowerdean Richard Groom Liberal Democrat 189    
Bowerdean Maggie Moore Conservative 450    
Bowerdean Sarfaraz Raja Conservative 557    
Bowerdean Julia Wassell Labour 584 Elected  
Chiltern Rise   Steve Guy Liberal Democrat 530    
Chiltern Rise   Ian McEnnis Conservative 824 Elected  
Chiltern Rise   Jean Teesdale Conservative 891 Elected  
Chiltern Rise   Neil Timberlake Liberal Democrat 582    
Disraeli Jeanette Mann Conservative 723 Elected  
Disraeli Janet Pritchard Labour 449    
Disraeli Mohammed Saeed Conservative 651 Elected  
Disraeli Chaudhdry Shafique Labour 399    
Downley and Plomer Hill Matthew Brown Liberal Democrat 492    
Downley and Plomer Hill Audrey Jones Conservative 622 Elected  
Downley and Plomer Hill Wendy Mallen Conservative 624 Elected  
Downley and Plomer Hill Henry Onabure Labour 130    
Downley and Plomer Hill Andy Randall Liberal Democrat 566    
Downley and Plomer Hill Janet Riddington Labour 145    
Flackwell Heath and Little Marlow Jeff Herschel Liberal Democrat 715    
Flackwell Heath and Little Marlow Bill Jennings Conservative 1503 Elected  
Flackwell Heath and Little Marlow Juha Langley Conservative 1307 Elected  
Flackwell Heath and Little Marlow Vivienne Pollock Liberal Democrat 516    
Flackwell Heath and Little Marlow John Savage Conservative 1429 Elected  
Flackwell Heath and Little Marlow Nigel Taylor BNP 323    
Greater Hughenden   William Barnes Liberal Democrat 533    
Greater Hughenden   David Carroll Conservative 1754 Elected  
Greater Hughenden   John Gibbs Conservative 1700 Elected  
Greater Hughenden   Marion Hall Liberal Democrat 549    
Greater Hughenden   Frances Newman Liberal Democrat 445    
Greater Hughenden   Richard Pushman Conservative 1716 Elected  
Hambleden Valley   Roger Emmett Conservative uncontested Elected  
Greater Marlow   Malcolm Blanksby Independent 825 Elected  
Greater Marlow   John D‚ston UKIP 125    
Greater Marlow   Elaine Funnell Liberal Democrat 341    
Greater Marlow   Edward Nash-Steer Conservative 635    
Greater Marlow   Helen Wilkinson Conservative 721 Elected  
Hazelmere North   Mane Bumand Liberal Democrat 344    
Hazelmere North   Ron Gaffney Conservative 790 Elected  
Hazelmere North   Hugh Mccarthy Conservative 953 Elected  
Hazelmere South   David Cox Conservative uncontested Elected  
Hazelmere South   James Malliff Conservative uncontested Elected  
Icknield Pam Priestley Conservative uncontested Elected  
Lacey Green Speen and The Hampdens Lee Harte Liberal Democrat 215    
Lacey Green Speen and The Hampdens Paul Rogerson Conservative 730 Elected  
Marlow North and West James Campbell Liberal Democrat 815    
Marlow North and West Alex Collingwood Conservative 1398 Elected  
Marlow North and West Derek Done Liberal Democrat 652    
Marlow North and West Margaret Done Liberal Democrat 877    
Marlow North and West Anthony Dunn Conservative 1254 Elected  
Marlow North and West Helen Ingram Labour 217    
Marlow North and West Jane Pnctoe Labour 185    
Marlow North and West Roger Wilson Conservative 1295 Elected  
Marlow South East Douglas Anson Conservative 755 Elected  
Marlow South East lvor Coleman Liberal Democrat 399    
Marlow South East Paddy Gallaugher UKIP 93    
Marlow South East Neil Marshall Conservative 659 Elected  
Marlow South East Ian Nixey UKIP 98    
Marlow South East Maurice Oram Liberal Democrat 482    
Marlow South East Mark Stinchcombe Labour 83    
Micklefield Margaret Draper Labour 359 Elected  
Micklefield Peter Moms Labour 327    
Micklefield Stephen Pitt Liberal Democrat 143    
Micklefield Julie Pritchard Conservative 406 Elected  
Micklefield Daryl Roberts Conservative 340    
Oakridge and Castlefield Muhammad Abdul-Karim Conservative 1425 Elected  
Oakridge and Castlefield Sajid Ali Labour 1210    
Oakridge and Castlefield Fiona Brooke Liberal Democrat 258    
Oakridge and Castlefield Ted Collins Labour 1009    
Oakridge and Castlefield Sebert Graham Labour 998    
Oakridge and Castlefield Jane White Conservative 1316 Elected  
Oakridge and Castlefield Mohammed Yasin Conservative 1408 Elected  
Ryemead Ralph Ashenhurst Labour 132    
Ryemead Kathy Dix Conservative 519    
Ryemead Ray Farmer Liberal Democrat 596 Elected  
Ryemead Steve Lacey Conservative 452    
Ryemead Trevor Snaith Liberal Democrat 629 Elected  
Ryemead Eric Williams Labour 155    
Sands Andrew Hamilton Labour 422    
Sands Ricici Hussein Conservative 433    
Sands Paul Lamboume Conservative 451 Elected  
Sands Ian Morton Liberal Democrat 275    
Sands Lynne Pearce UKIP 186    
Sands Mohammed Rafiq Labour 448 Elected  
Sands Reg Rundle Liberal Democrat 286    
Stokenchurch and Radnage Sarah Marshall Conservative 919 Elected  
Stokenchurch and Radnage Julian Newman Liberal Democrat 352    
Stokenchurch and Radnage Chris Watson Conservative 892 Elected  
Terriers and Amersham Hill Frances Alexander Liberal Democrat 581    
Terriers and Amersham Hill Sam Clements Liberal Democrat 518    
Terriers and Amersham Hill Roger Colomb Conservative 1254 Elected  
Terriers and Amersham Hill Tony Green Conservative 1288 Elected  
Terriers and Amersham Hill Matloob Hussain Labour 498    
Terriers and Amersham Hill Arif Hussain Conservative 1120 Elected  
Terriers and Amersham Hill Sam Truernan Labour 372    
Terriers and Amersham Hill Darren Wakefield Labour 371    
The Risboroughs   Nelson Bathurst Liberal Democrat 363    
The Risboroughs   Bill Bendyshe-Brown Conservative 1226 Elected  
The Risboroughs   Amy Eames Liberal Democrat 497    
The Risboroughs   Carl Etholen Conservative 1015    
The Risboroughs   Dennis Green Conservative 1276 Elected  
The Risboroughs   Gary Hall Independent 1062 Elected  
The Risboroughs   Jack Phillips Labour 284    
The Risboroughs   Alan Turner Independent 852    
The Woobums Mike Appleyard Conservative 707 Elected  
The Woobums Simon Bazey Conservative 667 Elected  
The Woobums Denise Herschel Liberal Democrat 388    
Totteridge Joel Foley Conservative 552 Elected  
Totteridge Glyn Galbraith Labour 557 Elected  
Totteridge Wendy Guy Liberal Democrat 237    
Totteridge Robert Olszeweski Liberal Democrat 152    
Totteridge Rafiq Raja Labour 494    
Totteridge Shafq Saddiq Conservative 441    
Tylers Green and Loudwater Beaulah Brown Labour 165    
Tylers Green and Loudwater Ian Forbes Liberal Democrat 545 Elected  
Tylers Green and Loudwater Anthea Hardy Labour 168    
Tylers Green and Loudwater Clive Harnss Conservative 1126    
Tylers Green and Loudwater Michael Hehir Liberal Democrat 422 Elected  
Tylers Green and Loudwater Peter Mapp Liberal Democrat 449 Elected  
Tylers Green and Loudwater David Shakespeare Conservative 1236    
Tylers Green and Loudwater Katrina Wood Conservative 1210