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Sale of the register of electors

We produce two versions of the register of electors:

  1. a full register (used for voting purposes) showing the names of all who have registered
  2. an edited register (known as the 'open register') excluding the names of people who have specifically told us that they do not want their name passing on (this version can be sold to anyone for any purpose including marketing)

If you do not wish your name to be included in the open register, please indicate this on the voter registration form. Your name will still appear on the full register and your right to vote will not be affected.

The full register of electors

The following people and organisations can have a copy of the full register of electors:

  • political parties and agents
  • local councillors
  • parish councils
  • various government bodies
  • the Office of National Statistics
  • the British Library
  • credit reference agencies

Credit reference agencies can have a copy of the register because one of the criteria for obtaining credit is being shown in the register.

Agencies cannot sell on names from the register if you have told us that you do not wish this to happen.

The open register of electors

You can buy a copy of the open register of electors from us. The charge depends on the number of names you are buying and the method by which you wish to receive a copy. Please contact us for prices.

To buy a copy, you'll need to apply to us in writing with the appropriate fee.

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