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Register of electors

You can vote in elections only if your name appears in the register of electors.

Annual canvass

We have to carry out an annual audit of the register of electors, known as the "annual canvass". The law says you must respond to the canvass form. There are penalties for not doing so.

You can register to vote any time of the year.

Publication of the register of electors

We publish the register every year on 1 December. We produce two versions of the register, a full and the open register.

  1. a full register (used for voting purposes) showing the names of all who have registered
  2. an edited register (known as the 'open register') excluding the names of people who have specifically told us that they do not want their name passing on (this version can be sold to anyone for any purpose including marketing)

You can apply to be added or deleted at any time of the year as we make monthly changes to the Register of Electors. Changes take effect on the first day of every month between December and September. You will need to ensure your application form is with us by the monthly deadline.

You can find out more about the difference between the 'open register' and the electoral register (external website) on

You can contact us to remove your name from the open register or complete the form:

Remove me from the open register

Removing names from the register of electors

We can only remove your name from the register of electors when:

  • you tell us
  • another council tells us - when you move you should contact the council in your new area
  • during the annual canvass - you will need to provide evidence at that time

If you want the names of people who lived in your house before you removed from the register, please contact us.

Checking and viewing the register of electors

You can check to see if you are on the register of electors by phoning us. You can also view the register at our main reception desk in High Wycombe. We do not publish the register anywhere else.

If you come in to view the register of electors, you can only search by address. You cannot search by name as the register is in street order within district wards. If you ring us, we can only confirm whether or not you are registered at a particular address.

Copies of the full register of electors

The following people and organisations can have a copy of the full register of electors:

  • Political parties and agents
  • Local councillors
  • Parish councils
  • Various government bodies
  • Office of National Statistics
  • The British Library
  • Credit reference agencies

Agencies cannot sell on names from the register if you have told us that you do not wish this to happen.

Sale of the open register of electors

You can buy a copy of the open register of electors from us. The charge depends on the number of names you are buying and the method by which you wish to receive a copy. Please contact us for prices.

To buy a copy, you'll need to apply to us in writing with the appropriate fee.

Registering to vote anonymously

There are limited circumstances in which you can register anonymously. Contact us for further information.

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