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Polling district and polling places reviews

Polling district and polling places review 2018

The 2018 polling district and polling places review had now ended. The results of the review can be found below.


The Representation of the People Act 1983 places a duty on us to divide the district into polling districts and to designate a polling place for each district. We also have a duty to keep these polling arrangements under review.

The Electoral Administration Act 2006 introduced amendments to the 1983 Act. We must conduct a full review of its polling districts and polling places every four years. The last formal review in Wycombe took place in 2014.

Adjustments to the boundaries of polling districts and the designation of polling places within district council wards can be proposed at any time in response to changes in ward boundaries or to the availability of premises that can be reasonably designated as polling places.

Maps of current polling districts

See the current polling districts and polling stations on My Wycombe. This links to an example location; zoom out and click on any location to find the relevant polling district and polling stations. Alternatively, you can view all individual polling district maps.

District, ward and county division boundary changes

Changes to district, ward and county division boundaries can only be made by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) (external website) as part of a formal review. The latest boundary changes review carried out by the LGBCE in this area was for Buckinghamshire County Council in 2011/2012, which resulted in some significant changes and an overall reduction in the number of county councillors, effective from the elections that were held on 2 May 2013. The changes also mean that all county council divisions are now single-member.

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