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General election: 6 May 2010

Elections for Parliament took place on 6 May 2010. We ran the election for the Wycombe parliamentary constituency. The district also includes parts of the Aylesbury, Beaconsfield and Buckingham constituencies.

Results of the general election on 6 May 2010 for Wycombe and neighbouring constituencies

General election 2010 results for the Wycombe constituency
Baker, Steven John Conservative Party 23,423 Yes
Fitton, David Arthur Hadyn Independent 188 No
Guy, Steve Liberal Democrat 13,863 No
Khokar, Mudassar Aziz Independent 228 No
Lomas, Andrew Philip Labour Party 8,326 No
Wiseman, John UK Independence Party 2,123 No

Turnout: 65.77%
Spoilt ballot papers: 143

Elected: Steven John Baker

General election 2010 results for the Beaconsfield constituency
Bailey, Jem Green Party 768 No
Baron, Quentin Independent 191 No
Cowen, Andrew A Vote Against MP Expense Abuse 475 No
Edwards, John William Liberal Democrat 10,271 No
Gray-Fisk, Delphine UK Independence Party 2,597 No
Grieve, Dominic Conservative Party 32,053 Yes
Miles, Jeremy Labour Party 6,135 No

Turnout: 70%

Elected: Dominic Grieve

General election 2010 results for the Aylesbury constituency
Adams, Chris UK Independence Party 3,613 No
Lambert, Steven Liberal Democrat 15,118 No
Lidington, David Conservative Party 27,736 Yes
White, Kathryn Labour Party 6,695 No

Turnout: 68.4%
Spoilt ballot papers: 111

Elected: David Lidington

General election 2010 results for the Buckingham constituency
Bercow, John (The Speaker seeking re-election) Conservative Party 22,860 Yes
Dale, Colin The Official Monster Raving Loony Party 856 No
Farage, Nigel UK Independence Party 8,410 No
Hews, David The Christian Party 369 No
Howard, Geoff Independent 435 No
Martin, Debbie Independent 1,270 No
Mozar, Lynne British National Party 980 No
Phillips, Patrick Independent 2,394 No
Stevens, John Independent - Buckinghamshire Campaign for Democracy 10,331 No
Strutt, Simon Cut the Deficit Party 107 No
Watts, Anthony Independent 332 No

Turnout: 64.5%

Elected: John Bercow

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