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European parliamentary elections 2009

Elections for the European Parliament took place on 4 June 2009. Results from the Wycombe district contributed to the overall results for the south east region.

There were 10 seats for the south east region. This region is made up of 67 local councils. Southampton City Council collated the results for the south east region.

Results for the Wycombe district

British National Party: 1701
Christian Party: 711
Conservative Party: 17897
English Democrats: 872
Jury Team: 321
Liberal Democrats: 5913
No2EU: Yes to Democracy: 347
Pro Democracy: Libertas: 244
Socialist Labour Party: 239
The Green Party: 4535
The Labour Party: 3479
The Peace Party: 221
The Roman Party: 112
United Kingdom First: 278
UKIP: 8314

Turnout: 36.9 per cent