Community governance reviews

A community governance review (CGR) is a review carried out by a principal council of the whole or part of its area. The aim is to look at one or more of:

  • the creation, merging or abolition of parishes
  • the naming of parishes
  • the style of parishes (for example town, village, community)
  • the electoral arrangements for parishes (for example size of parish councils, number of councillors, warding arrangements)

District council wards and county council divisions cannot be altered in a community governance order. However a request may be made to the Local Government Boundary Commission for England to carry out a review for changes to district or county boundaries as a result of a local CGR.

Who can request a CGR?

A CGR can be initiated by one of the following:

  • a valid petition from electors (minimum number of signatures required, depending upon size of electorate)
  • a formal request from a parish council or a local member (approval is then required from the principal council)
  • a decision taken by the principal council itself if it feels a review is appropriate (for example the number of electors for a non-warded parish is too large and makes a single election impracticable, or the splitting of an existing parish, or the creation of a brand new parish following the completion of a major housing development)

The CGR process

In Wycombe, the district council will undertake all CGRs by first publishing terms of reference, and then carrying out the required consultation(s) and recommending changes to be made. The review has to be completed within 12 months from the publication of the terms of reference.

Once the council has approved any recommendations as a result of the CGR and made an Order, any changes to the electoral arrangements such as amendments to the parish boundary or decrease/increase to the number of parish councillors will normally come into effect from the next main elections which are scheduled for May 2019.

Current community governance reviews

After a request from the parish of Lacey Green and three residents in the parish, Wycombe District Council is carrying out a Community Governance Review (CGR) of the boundary arrangements between Lacey Green and Bledlow cum Saunderton.

The request was made as a number of residents feel that the Wycombe Road (A4010) acts as a barrier between themselves and the parish of Lacey Green and there is more of a connection with the parish of Bledlow cum Saunderton. The change would only make a slight alteration to the boundary moving three properties from Lacey Green into Bledlow cum Saunderton. The map below indicates the potential boundary change with the current boundary in purple and the new boundary in red.

 New Boundary

If you wish to make a representation on the review please email to or in writing to: Matt Rae, Electoral Services Manager, Wycombe District Council, Queen Victoria Road, High Wycombe, Bucks HP11 1BB

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