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Bucks County Council elections 4 June 2009

Elections for all 57 county councillors in Buckinghamshire took place on 4 June 2009. Wycombe District Council administered elections for the 19 county council seats in the Wycombe district.

Bucks County Council election results 4 June 2009

Detailed results

Abbey division
Clarke, Lesley Mary Conservative 1,201 Elected
Perkins, Robert Leonard Patrick Liberal Democrat 333 Not elected
Ramsaran, Ria Labour 257 Not elected
Richardson, Joshua Luke UK Independence Party 278 Not elected

Turnout: 32.42%
No of spoilt papers: 15

Division: Booker, Cressex and Sands
Elected: Alan Edward Hill
Turnout: 31.89%
No of spoilt papers: 17
Hill, Alan Edward Conservative 730
Lee, Paula Louise Liberal Democrat 274
Pearce, Brian Edwin UK Independence Party 657
Vickery, Nigel Paul Labour 334

Division: Bowerdean, Micklefield and Totteridge
Elected: Chaudhary Ditta and Julia Wassell
Turnout: 33.3%
No of spoilt papers: 20
Bate, Bob Conservative 1,121
Ditta, Chaudhary Liberal Democrat 1,855
Draper, Kathleen Margaret Labour 450
Hussain, Arif Conservative 1,104
Morris, Peter Labour 396
Pearce, Lynne Alison UK Independence Party 510
Pinnock, Amber Marie UK Independence Party 358
Wassell, Julia Liberal Democrat 1,854

Division: Chiltern Valley
Elected: Robert Kenneth Woollard
Turnout: 37.47%
No of spoilt papers: 11
Lewis, Daniel James UK Independence Party 289
Pritchard, Janet Labour 169
Timberlake, Neil Christopher Liberal Democrat 384
Woollard, Robert Kenneth Conservative 1,462

Division: Downley Disraeli Oakridge and Castlefield
Elected: Wendy Janet Mallen and Zahir Mohammed
Turnout: 37.5%
No of spoilt papers: 30
Bates, Ian Stephen Labour 997
Bolton, Ruth Margaret UK Independence Party 517
Brown, Matt Liberal Democrat 831
Hanif, Mohammed Labour 1,261
Mallen, Wendy Janet Conservative 2,077
Mohammed, Zahir Conservative 2,196
Randall, Andy Liberal Democrat 962
Richardson, Gavin Earl UK Independence Party 492

Division: Greater Hughenden
Elected: Richard Charles Pushman
Turnout: 44.12%
No of spoilt papers: 9
Cass, William Alexandre Labour 172
Peters, Kevin Barry Liberal Democrat 426
Pushman, Richard Charles Conservative 1,877
Slack, Mike UK Independence Party 381

Division: Hazlemere
Elected: David Carroll
Turnout: 36.9%
No of Spoilt papers: 14
Adams, Barbara UK Independence Party 358
Carroll, David Conservative 1,727
Johnson, David Frank Liberal Democrat 562
Tait, Hilary Eileen British National Party 114

Division: Icknield and Bledlow
Elected: Paul Rogerson
Turnout: 47.3%
No of spoilt papers: 12
Coles, Derek UK Independence Party 422
Rogerson, Paul Conservative 2,166
Vernon, Peter John Ralph Liberal Democrat 560

Division: Marlow
Elected: Douglas Arthur Anson and Richard John Scott
Turnout: 40.48%
No of spoilt papers: 22
Anson, Douglas Arthur Conservative 2,653
Boyce, Jamie UK Independence Party 466
Campbell, James Michael Liberal Democrat 1,660
Hamilton, Richard James Munro British National Party 163
Harper, Alan UK Independence Party 651
Ingram, Helen Labour 346
Kaye, Alan Stanley Labour 256
Oram, Maurice Brian Liberal Democrat 1,688
Scott, Richard John Conservative 2,710

Division: Ryemead Tylers Green and Loudwater
Elected: Peter Cartwright and David Shakespeare
Turnout: 36.99%
No of spoilt papers: 26
Adams, Niki UK Independence Party 401
Cartwright, Peter Conservative 2077
Farmer, Ray Liberal Democrat 1399
Hamilton, Helen Jane British National Party 183
Paine, Nicola Marie-Anne UK Independence Party 348
Shakespeare, David Alastair Clifton Conservative 1955
Snaith, Trevor Liberal Democrat 1377

Division: Stokenchurch Radnage and West Wycombe
Elected: Frank Downes
Turnout: 33.8%
No of spoilt papers: 16
Downes, Frank Conservative 1,368
Gibson, Aimee Jane UK Independence Party 405
Mill, Michael George Liberal Democrat 478
Oriabure, Henry Osagie Labour 205

Division: Terriers and Amersham Hill
Elected: Valerie Ann Letheren
Turnout: 33.85%
No of spoilt papers: 13
Adams, Heather Jane UK Independence Party 247
Guy, Wendy Jane Liberal Democrat 485
Kitching, Matthew Labour 228
Letheren, Valerie Ann Conservative 1,204

Division: Thames
Elected: Mike Appleyard and David Martyn Watson
Turnout: 37.88%
No of spoilt papers: 18
Appleyard, Mike Conservative 2,864
Bailey, Jem The Green Party 681
Barrow, Stephen Thomas Daniel UK Independence Party 538
Black, Jessica UK Independence Party 536
Herschel, Jeff Liberal Democrat 1,268
Pollock, Brian Raymond Liberal Democrat 1,382
Tait, Matthew Robert James British National Party 310
Watson, David Martyn Conservative 2,469

Division: The Risboroughs
Elected: Carl Alexander Arvid Etholen
Turnout: 39.84%
No of spoilt papers: 12
Etholen, Carl Alexander Arvid Conservative 1,082
Sharman, Debz UK Independence Party 177
Smith, Michael Bernard Liberal Democrat 278
Turner, Alan Harold Independent 1,004