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Bucks County Council elections 2 May 2013

Elections for all 49 county councillors in Buckinghamshire took place on 2 May 2013. Wycombe District Council will administer elections for the 16 county council seats in the Wycombe district.

Bucks County Council election results 2 May 2013

Detailed results

See: County Council election results for Thursday 2 May 2013 (external website) a detailed breakdown of the election results for the whole county of Buckinghamshire

Summary results

The following is a summary of results for the 16 county council seats in the Wycombe district.

Abbey division

Ahmed Riaz, Labour
Clarke Lesley, Conservative - elected
Harris Bob, UKIP
Knight Matt, Liberal Democrat

Booker Cressex and Castlefield division

Hanif Mohammed, Labour
Hussein Ricki, Independent
Mohammed Zahir , Conservative - elected
Parker Simon, Liberal Democrat
Pearce Brian, UKIP

Chiltern Villages division

Lambourne Paul, Liberal Democrat
Luxton Rita, UKIP
Morris Peter, Labour
Teesdale Jean, Conservative - elected

Downley division

Brown Matt, Liberal Democrat
Mallen Wendy, Conservative - elected
Rafiq Mohammed, Labour
Srao Vijay, UKIP

Flackwell Heath, Little Marlow and Marlow South East division

Bailey Jem, Green
Burden Paul, Liberal Democrat
Scott Tim, UKIP
Vickery Nigel, Labour
Watson David, Conservative - elected

Hazlemere division

Bates Ian, Labour
Guy Wendy, Liberal Democrat
Mapletoft Brian, UKIP
Wood Katrina, Conservative - elected

Marlow division

Hill Penny, UKIP
Ingram Helen, Labour
Jarrett Nicholas, Liberal Democrat
Scott Richard, Conservative - elected

Ridgeway East division

Carroll David, Conservative - elected
Gardner Ron, Labour
Harrison Allison, Liberal Democrat
Morris Nick, UKIP

Ridgeway West division

Caldwell Jo, Labour
Etholen Carl, Conservative - elected
Fisher Sally, Green
Shingleton Helen, UKIP
Smith Michael, Liberal Democrat

Ryemead and Micklefield division

Bradshaw Martin, Labour
Cicin-Sain Ivan, Green
Day Pauline , UKIP
Harris Mark, Conservative
Wassell Julia, Liberal Democrat - elected

Terriers and Amersham Hill division

Adams Barbara, UKIP
Letheren Valerie, Conservative - elected
Mahmood Chaudhry, Liberal Democrat
Manomano Joseph, Labour

The Risboroughs division

Abbott Jef , Labour
Bendyshe-Brown Bill, Conservative - elected
Harmsworth Gerald, Liberal Democrat
Rixon Kate, UKIP
Turner Alan, Independent

The Wooburns, Bourne End and Hedsor division

Appleyard Michael, Conservative - elected
Gradowski Christina, Labour
Martin Joan, UKIP
Pollock Brian, Liberal Democrat

Totteridge and Bowerdean division

Ditta Chaudhary, Liberal Democrat - elected
Green Tony, Conservative
Hussain Ghalib, Labour
Whitehead Philip, UKIP

Tylers Green and Loudwater division

Ferris Mark, Labour
Postles Richard, UKIP
Shakespeare David, Conservative - elected
Snaith Trevor, Liberal Democrat

West Wycombe division

Hayday Darren, Independent - elected
Luxton Hedley, UKIP
McEnnis Ian, Conservative
Oriabure Henry, Labour
Timberlake Neil, Liberal Democrat