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Public art strategy

The public art strategy sets out the context and objectives for public art and enable us to give guidance to developers on how to discharge planning conditions and obligations relating to public art. It supports our mission to make Wycombe district economically strong and a good place to live, work and visit and will aim to ensure that public art commissioned in the district meets the highest standards of commissioning art in the public realm.

Successful public art is rooted in the uniqueness of a particular area, and can take the form of sculpture or commissioned works of art, artist commissioned street furniture or landscape features, or even temporary events and performances.

Background to the public art strategy

Wycombe district has a strong sense of identity and culture, and can build on its track record of using public space as a forum for cultural expression, be it commissioning works of public art or holding festivals and special events.

The strategy has been developed using site visits to major regeneration and development sites, interviews with a broad range of stakeholders within and beyond the council, research into the history of the town and previous art commissions.

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