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Delivering against our service plan

The council will continue to work hard to make a positive difference to our residents in 2019/2020.

Council Priorities

Select one of our council priorities to see how we plan to deliver against each:

Corporate-plan-Place A great place to be 

We will:

  • continue to progress the Local Plan towards adoption
  • continue to develop the transport strategy for High Wycombe and the regeneration strategy for the District to ensure sustainable growth and infrastructure provision
  • deliver planning guidance and expertise including development briefs, concept statements, masterplanning and options work for high-quality housing and business development and infrastructure at sites across the District including Wycombe Air Park, Princes Risborough expansion area and Cressex Business Park
  • continue to provide a fair and proportionate regulatory service across a number of areas to businesses, landlords and residents, to protect consumers and the environment and provide a level playing field for business in the district
  • continue to deliver warm, safe and dry housing
  • ensure the fundamental health protection requirement of timely and compliant waste removal and processing, and deliver a high standard of cleanliness in public spaces
  • continue to monitor air quality levels and progress with the implementation of our air quality action plan to improve air quality across the district and specifically in the three air quality management areas
  • work to improve the quality and availability of temporary accommodation available to those in need, by progressing plans to build a new temporary accommodation development in Desborough, High Wycombe


Measuring our performance

We will measure our performance against waste and recycling targets, targets for the approval of planning applications and environmental health targets.


Corporate-plan-People Strong communities 

We will:

  • provide a fair allocations policy and access for eligible applicants to affordable housing through a choice-based lettings system
  • give housing advice and guidance or financial aid to those in the community who are homeless or who are in unsuitable accommodation and help them to find decent, affordable housing
  • tackle rough sleeping and support rough sleepers by working in partnership with local community sector organisations and by sourcing additional financial support from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG), at every opportunity
  • maintain the Emergency Planning Function, participating in exercises and training when necessary, supporting other responders as required, identifying and assessing risks, operating a 24/7 ability to respond to emergencies that involve the Council and ensuring that the Council has an up to date and relevant emergency plan that includes measures to provide emergency accommodation and rest centres
  • deliver the Council’s statutory responsibilities under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 and Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 and the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, including providing fit for purpose and legally compliant CCTV monitoring facilities in partnership with the Police
  • promote health and wellbeing through the provision of commissioned services, projects and facilities that allow access to affordable physical activities, recreational facilities and sports
  • continue to support the voluntary and community sector through provision of grants and support in accessing funding opportunities


Measuring our performance

We will measure our performance on measures around the work of the housing service, minimising the numbers of people in temporary accommodation alongside health and wellbeing measures around usage of leisure centres.


Corporate-plan-Prosperity Growth and prosperity

We will:

  • continue to take forward investment project priorities including plans for the regeneration of the ‘Eastern Quarter’ surrounding High Wycombe Station, support for Cressex Business Park and the completion of the Desbox development
  • work in partnership to support the Business Improvement Districts in High Wycombe town centre and Globe Park in Marlow
  • work in partnership with Buckinghamshire Skills Hub and Bucks New University to support and promote skills initiatives including apprenticeships events, Be Your Own Boss and STEMRoller
  • continue our joint working and collaboration with the Local Enterprise Partnership to support the production of the local industrial strategy, seeking to align future strategic aims to enable access to funding
  • continue our engagement in and support for the Connected Counties Superfast Broadband, enabling superfast broadband to be delivered to around 4,500 extra homes in the District
  • continue our proactive management and maintenance of the property portfolio including letting of vacant property and meanwhile income opportunities from the capital programme
  • take forward improvements to the parking systems and customer service within the District car parks


Measuring our performance

We will measure our performance on measures relating to processing new Housing benefit claims and changes to claims, as well as collection of Council Tax and Business rates.


Corporate-plan-Progress Efficient and effective 

We will:

  • promote recycling activity and waste reduction through reliable kerbside recycling supported by promotional activities and campaigns
  • further develop our digital and social media presence so that residents can engage further with services and in current and future activities in their local areas
  • welcome feedback on our services from residents and respond with improvements where necessary
  • deliver elections commitments in 2019 alongside preparing for elections in 2020
  • continue to provide high-quality HR, facilities and ICT services for the Council
  • develop and deliver the Fit4 programme in Planning & Sustainability services, providing a client-centred, solution-focused approach
  • a significant part of the Council’s work this year will be in preparing services and staff for the transition to the new Buckinghamshire Council unitary in April 2020


Measuring our performance

We will measure our performance through the engagement of residents with digital channels, our timely response to complaints and putting things right through improvements and the experience of those contacting the customer service centre.


Reporting on our corporate key performance measures

The performance management framework identifies key performance measures to report on progress in service delivery against these priorities. The Council reports on these measures to the Audit Committee every quarter.