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Financial strategies

We take a strategic approach to financial planning and decision making. To ensure that decisions taken reflect corporate priorities and give a stable and sustainable future, we have adopted a number of key strategies, to help manage and promote financial management across our organisation.

Capital strategy

Our Capital strategy [Excel | 22KB] sets out our approach to capital investment and funding. It links very closely to our financial strategy and treasury management policy. Currently, we have adopted an approach which means that capital investment decisions will not impact on future levels of council tax.

Treasury management strategy

Our Treasury management strategy [PDF | 72 KB] shows how we wish to invest our financial resources, attitude to risk and how we approach borrowing decisions. Currently risk is managed tightly by restricting the counter parties that we invest in and the type of financial instruments we use. Borrowing decisions are based on prevailing market conditions and only taken if there is no impact on the our revenue budgets and future council tax levels.

Medium term financial plan

Our Medium term financial strategy [PDF | 15KB] sets out our financial forecasts and approach to managing financial risk. The plan also includes our reserves policy. 

Efficiency Plan

Our efficiency plan [PDF | 360KB ] forms part of our medium term financial plan.