Wycombe District Times

We publish Wycombe District Times, our magazine for the community three times a year. It's delivered to every household in the district.

The latest edition of our residents’ magazine includes information about council tax, tips on food recycling, and an Easter egg hunt with prizes!

Lots of people spotted all the hidden eggs:

  • one egg on the front cover and then ten hidden inside the magazine
  • page 3, three in the contents box
  • page 5, one in the purple box and one in the road sign
  • page 10, one hidden as a football in Wycombe Lotto
  • page 13, one hidden with some real food waste eggs
  • page 17, one hidden in the fibre broadband cabinet
  • page 20, one hidden in the Wycombe Swan advert
  • page 22, one tucked in amongst the bluebells in doorstep discoveries

Our features included updates about work we are doing to support homelessness and how our community lottery, Wycombe Lotto is supporting local good causes.

Our next edition will be out in July 2018.

The magazine is also available in large print or, for visually impaired residents, we work with Talking Newspapers to produce an audio transcription. If your magazine isn't delivered, please let us know. For more information, or to request a special format, contact the editor Sue Robinson 01494 421 557 or email: sue.robinson@wycombe.gov.uk